“Learning occurs naturally when children are actively involved and having fun. ” -Anonymous


To develop and nurture advanced life and learning skills for pre-schoolers aged 3 to 6 years, by means of the “learn through play” initiative.


To become the leaders in creating a fun and inspiring way of learning for all young children, most customer orientated and most successful educational extra – mural programme in South Africa.


Junior Builder is an exciting and unique educational programme that uses Duplo Bricks as a tool of teaching, bringing the children back to basics and ensuring a solid foundation in education.


Children learn best through play, because play comes naturally and easily to them. At Junior Builder we understand the importance of “learn through play” and therefore strive to create an environment where children can explore and develop their ideas, curiosity and imagination. Our programme is designed to excite and motivate children to attain skills and knowledge that are necessary for lifelong learning. We are passionate about developing fun and playful learning techniques using Duplo Bricks and other materials.


Duplo Bricks are the perfect size for young children to handle with confidence in the short amount of time. Because of the size of the Duplo Brick, children are able to quickly build outside their field of vision. The children develop abstract thinking and are able to use their own imagination to build creative solutions to problems and develop important life and learning skills.